Queensrÿche - Frequency Unknown

[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 2
Label: Deadline
Website: Link
Author: Aggelos “Redneck” Katsouras[/colored_box]

Dear Geoff Tate,

I decided to write this review in form of a letter to you to express my thoughts on this latest release of yours and after the various argues you had with your ex-bandmates (who were supposed to be lifetime friends for over thirty years). Let’s suppose that the right was indeed by your side and the others were the bad guys, blaming you for stuff you didn’t do. Let’s also think that the latest albums of Queensryche weren’t your fault (I leave behind the fact that the band should split up after ”Tribe”, not to say ”Promised Land”). Let’s also say that you could do things right without them and this is your chance. Guess what, you didn’t make it!

You failed because this album is so awful that even your latest personal album called ”Kings And Thieves” looks like a masterpiece compared to ”Frequency Unknown”. And now that I think about it, the acronym F.U. on the cover is a hit under the belt and not a very mature one (like noone would think you want the others to go fuck themselves) and you dare put the tri-ryche symbol in the middle. This is more than fans can stand, this unacceptable carnival has to end some time but you are the first that plays the leading role of the joker here.

I have read that you want the fans to send a video to you and tell you why they hate this album and that the ”winner” of this contest will have the chance to see you free in Seattle. Did you ask if anybody really wants to see how things have turned up? I think that you have taken some things for granted and you are simply wrong, as your experience should forbid you to act with such challenging behaviour towards the rest ex-bandmates and the fans.

The songs are unacceptably awful, but what about your voice? What happens to the only thing that remained to show you once were glorious and maybe one of the best singers in the whole metal genre? When I listen to you trying to scream or even keep a steady vocal melody like struggling, then even your once undoubted talent betrays you at first place. I had seen you in 2009 in France trying to keep up with the rest of the band but I thought it was just a bad day. It very sad and heart-breaking to find myself unable to describe to the readers your current vocal condition.

Listening to ”I Don’t Believe In Love” where it sounds like you’re choking and really can’t sing such tunes anymore is the last nail in the coffin. You’ve seen it all in your life, you’ve made countless millions of dollars, you’ve filled stadiums, arenas, small clubs, people have loved you, women have had you in their sexual fantasies (especially in the ”Empire” tour). What are you trying to prove here? The thought that players like Craig Locicero or Paul Bostaph helped you on this album makes me even more confused. That’s my opinion and without a video but in all honesty. I hope you’ll prove me wrong one day but at this specific moment, you must make a large U-turn to fix things up.

P.S. : I would tell the same things for different reasons to the rest members of Queensryche, I’m just waiting the musical part of their album which is to come and then we’ll see.

Track List Line Up
01. Cold
02. Dare
03. Give It To You
04. Slave
05. In The Hands Of God
06. Running Backwards
07. Life Without You
08. Everything
09. Fall
10. The Weight Of The World
11. I Don’t Believe In Love (Re-recorded)
12. Empire (Re-recorded)
13. Jet City Woman (Re-recorded)
14. Silent Lucidity (Re-recorded)
Geoff Tate – lead vocals
Kelly Gray – guitars
Robert Sarzo – guitar
Rudy Sarzo – bass
Simon Wright – drums
Randy Gane – keyboards, bass, orchestration, answering machine message