TEAR OUT THE HEART is a five-piece metalcore band from St. Louis, Missouri, founded in 2011. The band signed with Victory Records in 2012 and will be releasing their second full-length album, “Dead, Everywhere“, on January 27, 2015.

With “After all, we’re dead everywhere. Not just dead inside.” being the words played on tape on the intro of the album, TEAR OUT THE HEART are making a statement for this world that has failed to keep its everyday struggles in cognito. As the album progresses it is definite that the band is returning alive, but not everywhere.

Each song on the record is infused with violence and tracks like “Feel Real”, “The Rejected” and “I’ve got secrets” are pure testimony for that.

Tyler Konersman‘s “burnt” vocal lines are a stand out on this album from first to last track. On “Feel Real” synthesizers and violent high pitched growls set the mood and backround. Third track in, and St. Louis’ “Story of the Year” town mates seem to be a major influence for TOTH while punkish guitars prevail next to some disco-pop beats on drums. With pure Underoath-ish nostalgia, “The Rejected” is a stand out track on this album among a couple of others, ensuring the satisfaction of a wider audience.

“Viking Funeral” should definitely not to be missed here as pace drops dramatically, however, momentum sky-rockets. While lacking instrumentation with just a marching drum beat and some post synths, Tyler delivers with fierce growls that are heart melting and lyrics pierce with sincerity. Literally, tearing out the heart.

On the contrary, it would have been a promising step if the band was exploring towards paths similar to “Viking Funeral” and weren’t about singing the same old song of this endless pool of identical metalcore/hardcore bands that keep popping out of everywhere without any specialty or identity.

TOTH sounds talented but they are only proof of that in less than half of “Dead, Everywhere” and if you’ve been following the scene since it’s early stages back in 00’s you would find difficulty in setting this album apart or remembering it for a reason or two.

On a more general scale, some sing alongs and punchy breakdowns along with the aformentioned stand out tracks will largely appeal to the typical metalcore/hardcore junkie.

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