Well, MACABRE OMEN have been a band since 1994, mostly one-man band having line-up shifts in a regular basis over the years. Their first full-length release was in 2005 under the name “The Ancient Returns” and since then the band released two split EPs till this year that “Gods of War at War” came out.

Epicness and grandeur are the words to describe the compositions Alexandros created and put together. “Epic” does not describe the origin of the music in a narrow sense but rather the feelings arising from the grandiosity of the music – blending BATHORY-influenced sound and Hellenic black metal at its best, creating a majestic result that will enrapture most if not all black metal fans.

“Gods of War at War” is mostly mid-tempo while there are moments of aggressiveness and razor sharp riffing (as in the title track). The vocals extend from high-pitched screaming to hoarse growling. In addition, there are a lot of passages of clean singing and chanting(Alexandros – Ode A, Alexandros – Ode B)which add up to the ceremonious atmosphere that’s being built up since the first notes. The Hellenic element in MACABRE OMEN’s new opus is profound in the Greek lyrics, the ethnic instrumentation and the general musical devotion to the legacy of the Hellenic black metal scene.

This album is a gateway to the past, a time capsule of memories, emotions and bonds – bonds of family, of history, of battle and tradition. It is a tale told straight from the heart luring the listener to a journey inside the soul, in a different time and when ‘the gods were at war’. Interpretations of lyrics are open to subjective criteria thus this journey will prove to be unique for those who will devote the time to delve into itsdepth.

Highly recommended to the fans of Hellenic black metal, Bathory-like atmospheres and grand emotional music that inspires awe.It is a release that will keep growing with time unfolding more and more dimensions. Truly captivating and wonderfully enjoyable – certainly proving that ‘good things come to those who wait’.

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