Hearing “Sacrilegious Testament” again and again I find myself getting a bit addicted to their old school Greek black metal sound. And I refer to the Greek black metal scene because KATAVASIA have more similarities with Varathron, Kawir, Necromantia, Thou Art Lord and the early days Of Rotting Christ rather than their Norwegian colleagues.

Now this is by far not bad. Not even by chance!! KATAVASIA have all those things in this album that would make someone headbang like crazy. Blastbeats with “frozen” crawling riffs, vocals like coming from a crypt, also epic riffs, an old school production (with much better sound though), a flute where it most fits and the unholy feeling that only Greek black metal bands can pour out of their “skin”.

There is no luck that KATAVASIA sound like they do. All their members are part of the Greek underground metal scene. Necroabyssious on vocals is a member of Varathron, Astrous on guitars from Aenaon, Harris on synths from Hail Spirit Noir and Transcending Bizarre and Foivos on drums from Agnes Vein. Persons coming from different musical backrounds and bands but with the same thirst for old school black metal.

“Adoration Of Darkness” and “Visions Of The Misty Night” are two of my favorites because of the epic feeling they have. Also the two intro songs “Eosforou Katavasis” and “Mater Tenebrarum” are at least amazing with the second one, and because of the flute and the recitation in Greek, gaining more ground. “Symphony Des Gravens” and “Virgin Blood” are reminds me a lot of Rotting Christ’s first days. Which is fine by me of course. By far “Cosmic Nightmare” and “Order Of Dog Blood” are the most fast songs of the album with very good blastbeats and finally “The Chariot Of Emperor” is an eight minute epic manifest putting all the above characteristics into one song.

KATAVASIA made an excellent album bringing old feelings and a lot of deja vus to those who’ve grown up with this kind of music. I’m surely looking forward to see them live and to wait impatiently their next release.

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