The band called MORGOTH is one of the legendary death metal bands of the past. In early 90’s when the death metal scene literally exploded, they were present. Their debut album “Cursed” is considered as a milestone on the death metal beginning. Unfortunately after 5 years and the release of two not so successful albums they split up. Their last album before their separation was an industrial rock effort – after all they come from Germany – entitled “Feel Sorry For The Fanatic”.

Their reunion came to being to celebrate the 20 years from the release of the monumental “Cursed” with some tour dates in 2011. Nobody expected another record at the time, but MORGOTH are back for good to claim the throne of Germany’s death metal. In the present year of 2015 we have another album from them. There are still two members from the original line-up and the most worried departure was of the original singer Marc Crewe. Yet after the first scream from Karsten Jäger the worries flew away.

Listening to this album is really a pleasure. The whole feeling is that of 90’s death metal; mid tempo songs with some outbursts accompanied with gory screams and lead guitar riffs reminiscent of DEATH and OBITUARY. The only thing that can reveal that this CD is released these days is the sound. The production is clear, but at the point of how it should be at a death metal album – not too polished.

Many of songs have so catchy riffs and together with the choruses will get stuck in your mind days and even weeks after the first audition. Some examples are the “House Of Blood”, “Snakestate” and “God Is Evil”. Even the two instrumentals are perfectly positioned and both gave me shivers with their haunting riffs.

Ungod” is a must have for every true fan of 90’s death metal, when death was real…

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