Long story short, It’s the same band that strongly influenced rock culture in general, with bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Destruction etc. mentioning them as the main reason they loved rock music and aspired to its ideals to pave their own path. BLACK STAR RIDERS are basically the remaining members of 70s Hard Rock legends Thin Lizzy, who changed their name in respect to the late Phil Lynott. And this is their debut album “Killer Instinct“.

Their new album kicks in just the way uncle Lynott would like them to: the title track with the trademark Thin Lizzy melodies, and a voice not only with a warm old-school feeling, but also a modern feel, so that it won’t sound dated or forced in any way. The beat goes on with “Bullet Blues” showing some more groove in the main riff. A nostalgic ballad-esque track follows called “Finest Hour” (the title is self explanatory I think!). Things get more melodic and party-oriented with the back vocals on the chorus of “Soldiertown”, that sound taken straight from Irish pubs, singing tales of warriors!

Bluesy rockin’ stuff follows with “Charlie I Gotta Go” and some sweet licks here and there especially in the middle. “Blindsided” is a beautiful ballad, meant to give you shivers down your spine. It’s got that “southern, strung out from the road” feeling that I absolutely love! “Through The Notions” is another catchy Hard Rockin’ track, could be the next single. And some dirty rock comes up next “Sex Guns And Gasoline”. We all need music to party, right? “Turn In Your Arms” starts in a melodic way then turns into another dirty rock track. The album ends with a 7-minute-jam epic called “You Little Liar” showing this stoner feeling all over its length. Perfect for summer!

I can’t get enough of this record. It’s great to see the rock giants of the 70s and 80s being around, writing great music, honoring their household. Scorpions, Pink Floyd and now Black Star Riders. Crank a beer and enjoy till you drop!

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