I’m always happy to listen to new bands and their new releases. It’s one of the pleasures of the “job” for me. For Greek progressive rockers OCEAN MIND this is their second release and comes as a double album. And its’ name……Underwater.

Hearing the album for some time now and let it grew to my ears I think I can say with safety that OCEAN MIND did a very good job. In the album we have 16 songs with the two last ones of each cd to be over 35 minutes of length. The guys are showing all their sound variety and you can hear that especially in the songs I’ve mentioned before. The trio (guitar, drums, hammond)shows a very worked and special sound with everything studied to the last detail.

The Doors, The Animals, Rush, Pink Floyd and Eloy are some of their influences that someone can notice. Alongside with some Greek ethnic and some oriental parts the outcome surely is something special and unique. Hearing the song “Chained” (36 minutes) can find the two last bands I’ve mentioned as a major influence. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think this is bad only it grows weary of a bit because of its length.

I loved the cover of the “House Of The Rising Sun” (The Animals), “Ether” sounds like a more heavy alternative rock song with the dirty vocals of Zach D, not bad at all. The “Underwater” song should be in the Sons Of Anarchy soundtrack for sure and “Mushroom Fever” gets in your mind and stacks in it!! “You Ain’t Shining” is a beautiful slow song reminding a bit of Nick Cave. And same goes for the first song of the second part the “Third Eye Effect”. Definitely this band has a talent on building psychedelic and rock atmospheres. “Gypsy Son” has a bit of a stoner feeling and…oh that hammond sound damn good!! “Bowshot” is the second huge song and the last of the album. Starts a bit like JethroTull and continues to evolve from there on. Notice these songs I’ve mentioned are some of those I liked very much. But there are more (16) to hear and love.

OCEAN MIND did a great job indeed. The album is the best soundtrack for a trip, for lonely hours with beers, with friends that you want to remember old stories together…with beers again!! My only objection are some long improvisations and nothing more. Besides that here we have an almost great album of progressive rock. Cheers mates!!