The East End legends (no intros needed for IRON MAIDEN) are back in 2015 with a brand new album “The Book Of Souls“. It’s a 92-minute record, and that length is something that troubles anyone. Then Bruce Dickinson starts singing the intro of “If Eternity Should Fail” starting in a trademark mid-tempo Maiden style, but something’s different. The band sounds fired up, especially Bruce. To think this man went through cancer.

Off to the first single “Speed Of Light” which is somewhat Hard-rock-oriented with a sing-along chorus. Bass intro leads us to “The Great Unknown”, a mid-tempo track with a passionate chorus and great finish.

Up next, the acoustic “The Red And The Black”, then a galloping track, full of memorable Maiden melodies and insane soloing. A more rockin’ intro opens “When The River Runs Deep”. Then comes a great speedy riff, meant for headbanging, and then comes one of the best choruses on the album.

Time for the title track: heavy atmosphere, mesmerizing vocal melodies, once more great solos and melodies and the bass leading the charge into a 10 minute song that has your full attention from start to finish! And then “Death Or Glory”, an old-school Maiden track, taken right off “Piece Of Mind” days.

“Shadows Of The Valley” is another trademark Maiden track, with an ala “Wasted Years” intro. “Tears Of A Clown” is dedicated to the one and only Robin Williams (R.I.P.), a mid-tempo atmospheric song with a beautiful chorus. The heartfelt intro of “The Man Of Sorrows” turns into a darker verse then to a relief of a amazing chorus including top notch solos.

What’s left is the longest IRON MAIDEN song in history: “Empire Of The Clouds” 18-minute-epic starting with piano, building up slowly in the vein of a 70s epic, reaching its high point towards the middle then gradually . Like a classic metal orchestral song with the three maestros Murray/Smith/Gers leading the way, taking us to another place.

If Maiden choose to finish their career with this album, this is probably one of their finest hours in their recent discography. UP THE FUCKIN IRONS!

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