A MY DYING BRIDE album is always something big and very much anticipated for me!! And for a band that is in the “love her or hate her” category things are much more intense. The opposite of the bands’ music style in fact.

Three years after “A Map Of All Our Failures” the doom masters release their new music tragedy “Feel The Misery” and telling the truth you can feel it to your soul!!

Although the single “And My Father Left Forever” didn’t leave me with a big smile when I first heard it, the rest of the album is a masterpiece!! Things that made me love those “cold” English fellas can be found here in all their glory. Just hear “To Shiver In Empty Walls” and you can understand why MDB are called doom masters. With “A Cold New Curse” you can hear Andrew making his guitar weeping and then a heavy doom burst with Aarons’ growls!! The titled track is a 6 minute masterpiece with Aaron putting his soul in it and the violin accompany his voice with an amazing way!!

“A Thorn Of Wisdom” is very atmospheric song with a piano and a choir somewhere in the middle. An very interesting and different song. “I Celebrate Your Skin” is one of those bizarre yet so addicted songs of My Dying Bride that you will love immediately. Now the next song “I Almost Love You” is one of the best in my opinion that My Dying Bride have ever wrote. It reminds me a lot of “Black God” of Turn Loose The Swans album. Slow, deep, only Aaron the violin and the piano…what else can a My Dying Bride fan can ask for? Closing the album “Within A Sleeping Forest” is a song that the band can write “for fun”. But that can not reduce the fact that is a very good song!!

I really enjoyed that their music is more focused and more to the point and the fact that they are making a bit of smaller songs (don’t get too excited or anxious, we are talking about doom metal and My Dying Bride). And to tell the truth I was afraid of the coming result after Hamish Hamilton Glencross left the band last year. But the outcome is truly a masterpiece. I love this band and although some of their previous releases didn’t made that an impression to me, this one is an album that will accompany my thoughts and feeling for a long, long time. Enjoy!!

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