TRIVIUM have shown us many faces through their career. Sometimes pure metalcore, others more heavy metal. With “Silence In The Snow” they give us their most “clean” heavy metal album until now. And I think they did it with a very interesting and good way.

“Silence In The Snow” is the seventh studio album for the band from Florida. And here we have the first Trivium album with no “unclean” vocals. Matts’ voice has leveled up a lot all those years but here the result is more obvious than before. The vocal-lines reminded me more old heavy metal days with an intense live feeling. Also the band focused on the guitar part of the album. Yes, the riffs have become simple but in some songs they are amazing addictive. You’ll just have to hear “Silence In The Snow” (the track) or “The Ghost That’s Haunting You” to see it for yourselves.

I think it will be pointless for me to go through the production of the album. Michael Baskette (Alter Bridge, Falling In Reserve) who was hired did a fine job. Trivium never suffered in that domain although they did have some small ups and downs from album to album. Yes, the album is great! You will hear it again and again. But as soon as your ear gets familiar with it you will notice it’s only one problem. The songs are unequal between each other. Some over 4-5 hearings become a bit of boring. Surely in the album there are 3-4 songs that will be classics for the band and another 2 that are really good. But the others are like filling the album by need.

Trivium is a band that brings out the love or hate dilemma since their first release to the fans. I surely don’t hate them and I’m 100% sure for their talent as musicians. But until now I never found a release of them that I will get really excited about it. The album is not bad at all, but, it’s not amazing either.

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