2015 I think is a doom metal year to all its’ glory!! PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE, now DRACONIAN and soon SWALLOW THE SUN are releasing or already released an album. All swell for a doom metal maniac such as myself (although I would be extremely happy if Saturnus also released an album, but what the hell?).

The biggest change since their previous release is that Lisa Johansson left the band (shortly after the album release) and sometime after Heike Langhans came in adding a different complexion to the bands’ capabilities.

Musically DRACONIAN haven’t change. We are talking about a doom metal band. There are no sunshine here or hope. Pessimistic guitars, slow and agonizing tempos, an amazing Johan Ericson on the harsh vocals (one of the best out there in my opinion), Heike fitting perfectly in this new dark chapter and violins adding amazing atmospheres in a very-very good album. No they are no reinventing or discover something new here. But that’s not the point after all!!

If I had to choose for a favorite that would be “Pale Tortured Blue”. This song is one of those songs that I describe as extremely emotional music as well as a moment of purification!! The production of the album is almost flawless. The dynamics are there alongside with the proper depth and the needed clearness of a doom/death metal album!!

DRACONIAN released an amazing album, a “difficult to get bored” doom/death metal masterpiece. “Sovran” is melancholic, smooth yet harsh in the same time, fully emotional and accompany the lone hearer through time!

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