DEVIL YOU KNOW is the band started as a project of John Sankey, but is now known as the band that Howard Jones sings. And because Jones, as a genuine frontman, is a leading figure, but also because of its passage by KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, is the most “famous” of its members.

Anyway, DEVIL YOU KNOW is a full time band, and should not be considered now as a supergroup. The release of their second album so close in time to the first (from April 2014 until November 2015 is exactly 19 months) shows that its members are dedicated to what they do, and give all their energy to it.

From the title of the album, we understand that it is a particularly aggressive album; “They Bleed Red”. And they (the “enemies”) have blood in their veins, red as ours. Let’s see it flowing. “Take no prisoners” mentality at each point of the album.

The album, like its predecessor, is based on metalcore. Just as we expected and wanted to hear. But it has a particularly increased sense of melody. This is not a typical metalcore album where everything follows a particular route. There are all the key-features in hand, but in no way can it be described as banal.

Take for example “Stay Of Execution”, released in stream version before the release of the album. At the beginning of it, we have a fantastic blastbeat. Not something you often find in a metalcore song. The first verse of the song, is largely approaching death metal and then oscillates with great comfort among all the above, plus the general metalcore style. All this until the refrain, in which the clean and melodic vocals of Jones’, are even more eye-catching to the song. I repeat: the overall metalcore aesthetics can be found throughout the album, but they are not afraid to add elements from other “fields”.

The key for a band is to have fun. They are having a good time, and it is shown both at the shows of the band, and in their discography. And if in doubt about how how much fun DEVIL YOU KNOW is having, listen to their cover on SURVIVOR’s “Eye Of The Tiger”, included in the limited edition of the album.

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