Black metal has evolved over the past years introducing all kinds of music into their own.As a result we come across bands like REVENGE that combine the rawness of early black metal with grind/hardcore aggression and speed along with growling vocals and super fast blast beats. The group consisted of just two members, J.Read, who writes all the music and handles drums and vocals, and Vermin, who plays guitar and bass.

Behold.Total.Rejection” is a ten track annihilating album starting with opening track “Scum Defection” which unleashes the beast out of control bringing destruction and desolation in its path. “Mobilization Rites” is a blackened death paranoia and a standout from this album.

A true hellstorm of noice, manic guitars, roaring growling and barbaric vocals, insane drums, buzzsaw bass speeds, it’s a fucking chaos, it’s a punishment for the faint ears and the ill hearted not used to such chaotic barbaric sounds. Spiteful, full of hatred and nihilistic lyrics the kind that tell you’re scum got kill yourself!

Still, you can hear that everything is played with surgical consistency despite how uncontrollable and chaotic it feels, everything is weirdly balanced and tight. It is also an achievement that REVENGE can pull through a full length forty minute album with tracks like ‘’Nihilistic Militant’’ which is a six minute hellstorm, without falling of the trails. It is absolutely controllable but feel no comfort this album is so aggressive so insane so cool! Just listen to “Silent Enemy”, “Mass Death Mass”, “Wolf Slave Protocol”. Fans of crust, grindcore, death and black metal will surely appreciate what REVENGE has done in this album and if you’re not familiar with them it is time to do so.

Totally recommended for extreme listeners!

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