Metalcore, has been extremely popular for, far more than a decade. As a result, there are a lot of bands out there overflowing the scene, and even more bands appearing every day. Unfortunately, this continuously growing quantity of bands, doesn’t mean equivalent development in quality, because most new bands lack in inspiration, individuality and innovative ideas.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as this particular band. I first got in touch with BURY TOMORROW when I listened their 2014 “Runes” album. I must say that the band from Hampshire is one the bands that try hard, and might achieve bringing new life to the genre (the others being WHILE SHE SLEEPS, IN HEARTS WAKE and ARCHITECTS).

Earthbound”, more or less, follows the successful pattern of its predecessor. Jason Cameron and Kristan Dawson are doing their best in the guitar section, offering heavy, well-played riffs and smart as well as catchy leads. Daniel Winter-Bates’ harsh vocals sound angry and strong. Last but not least, Adam Jackson on drums and Davyd Winter-Bates on bass guitar create a dense, tight rhythm section. Although, there aren’t many differences between their previous and the present album, we can notice that the sound has become slightly heavier and the breakdowns have become more intense, while the melodic parts have become even catchier.

Everyone’s performance in the album is of high quality. However, the most notable feature of “Earthbound” is the well balanced vocals. The combination of Bates’ harsh and Cameron’s clean vocal lines are one of a kind.  Cameron sounds more stable and confident than in “Runes” and the whole vocal section, may remind you something of ATREYU’s sound. This vocal balance reaches its perfection in “Last Light”, and the title track, which are two of the best moments on the album. Other interesting moments are “Memories” and “Cemetery” with its thrashy approach.

Bottom line, “Earthbound” is a solid album. It’s a nice follow-up release, which will be praised by the band’s followers. But even if you are not a BURY TOMORROW’s fan and you are looking for some decent melodic metalcore European style, “Earthbound” will satisfy you.

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