According to GHOST BATH, their name signifies the “act of committing suicide by submerging in a body of water”. Previous releases, consisted of an album called “Funeral” and an EP entitled after the band’s name. “Moonlover” is the title of their latest album which have been firstly released in April of 2015 but after the signing of the band with Nuclear Blast the album re-released on February 19th of 2016. To me, this is the first piece of music, that I have ever heard from them.

“This Sleeping Fields” serves as an intro to the album, bearing no spectacular characteristics whereas “Golden Number” is an up-tempo track. The vocals stay on the depressive ‘side’ while the rhythm and melodies resemble happy moments and memories. The balance is great between the two resembling DEAFHEAVEN’s music.

The last three songs, have a distinguishing sequence that closes the album in ‘one breath’; as many times as I listened to this album, it seemed natural and one could tell, that it ended fast due to how well it fits together. Post-rock influences with a bit of folk, construct GHOST BATH’s identity, away from DEAFHEAVEN that was mentioned above, forging a character and a special post-black sound. “Death and the Maiden” stands out for its melodic post-punk parts, that take it up a notch for us who enjoy such vibes.

Overall, “Moonlover” is an atmospheric release, melancholic with the right ‘dose’ of happiness and depression. At first, it gives the impression of poorly constructed compositions, but after some listening sessions, more aspects of it are revealed and even more parts are appreciated. For fans of Alcest, ColdWorld, Heretoir and others of the same scene, this will be an album that will grow on you the more you spin it.

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