Gaining your fans’ undying love and devotion, is not an easy job. EPICA knows that all too well all those years. “The Quantum Enigma” was magnificent. Can they surpass it with “The Holographic Principle”? Let’s find out.

The albums’ orchestral intro “Eidola” followed by the “Edge Of The Blade”, the albums’ dynamic opener, perfect for gigs with a catchy chorus. “A Phantasmic Parade” follows in a mid-tempo pace, with a mesmerizing middle-eastern feel it as well as a really cool fast break. Then, the first single “Universal Death Squad” kicks in full-speed after the piano intro, with its groovy verses and addictive chorus as well as a top notch solo. “Divide And Conquer” is one of the most aggressive and crushing songs on the album with Mark taking over almost completely. Perfect for headbanging, with an amazing chorus. “Beyond The Matrix” kicks in with one of the best choruses of the album, and it’s one of the most atmospheric songs on the album, including a beautiful piano break in the middle, leading to another killer solo.

Next song: “Once Upon A Nightmare”. One can really tell, that the orchestra really took Epicas’ work up a notch and perfected it. Being a song where vocals and orchestra take over, it gives Simone the chance to gives us an incredibly heartfelt performance. Speeding things up again with “The Cosmic Algorithm” kicking in to destroy some more necks in its path. The eerie intro of “Ascension – Dream State Armaggeddon” leads to a haunted and heavy track, showing a great Dimmu Borgir influence. The oriental feel of “Dancing In A Hurricane”, brings us a special song, with a truly epic chorus. The piano intro to “Tear Down Your Walls” comes next, turning into a perfect headbanger, with a strong melodic death metal influence. Finally, time for the 11-minute progressive suite, the title track: beginning softly with piano, building slowly into a storm of emotions, band/orchestra harmonies, thrashy riffs as well as other twists and turns that keep the listener sharp till the end.

EPICA are here, more mature than ever and ready to take you on a beautiful music journey. One of the albums of the year, for sure.

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