Blimey! To come across a new GRIM REAPER release is not such a common thing. The Last time it happended was actually back in 1987. I am pretty sure that for most of you the name Grim Reaper rings a bell.

For those that are not familiar with the band, Grim Reaper started back in the early 80’s in the UK. The NWOBHM scene was in the making back then and Grim Reaper became a representative band of the genre. After two album releases on Ebony records (a very significant, independent UK label for the NWOBHM music movement) Grim Reaper gain a place in the scene. Their debut LP “See You In Hell” can be considered as one of the best albums of the genre. Back in 1987 they moved to RCA records, releasing their last (till 2016) LP “Rock You To Hell” , an album that followed the more american way of metal, with clean production and catchy riffs.

In 2006 Steve Grimmett reformed the band for some live shows and ten years later Grim Reaper (as “Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper”) returned with their 4th LP under the title “Walking In The Shadows”, with Steve remaining the only member of the original Reaper. So, enough said about the historical background. Let’s see what Steve and the Reaper are delivering today.

Walking In The Shadows” features 12 tracks (the Japanese CD version , features one bonus track) and it’s running time is about 50 minutes. 50 minutes of classic heavy metal. No ballads here, only straight forward, mid-tempo (most of the times) heavy metal, Catchy riffs, even catchier choruses, clean production, melodic bridges and the ageless voice of Mr Grimmett. In my opinion the vocals are pretty good considering the age of Steve, but from times to times they sound a little bit flat. They also appear in front of all the other instruments in the mix. The vocals are everywhere in the album, something that makes the listener feel that the rest of the band is there only for providing the music to Steve’s Vocals. Personally I would love some more instrumental verses and more guitar solos (audible) . But that’s just my opinion

For 29 years of absence (of course Steve has been all these years inbands like Lionsheart or Grimmstine) Steve Grimmett’s GRIM REAPER delivers classic heavy metal straight from the 80’s and 90’s, you know the kind of metal that makes you wanna grab a beer, shake.

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