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When it comes to think of the most honest post-metal bands and the most professional ones, DEATHSPELL OMEGA’s name always pops up into the lists. After the release of ‘Fas- Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum’, the band became really popular among the black-metal community, with its style to become a significant one within the scene.  Nine years after, we get to acknowledge one more record, ‘The Synarchy of the Molten Bones’.

What DEATHSPELL OMEGA deliver through their music, is close to a grotesque painting. The band uses the experimental sound of post-black metal, with the numerous break-downs and the continuations between aggressive, fast riffs and mess-up, slower, melodies to present theological and metaphysical sermons.  ‘The Synarchy of the Molten Bones’ differs not. The record contains only four songs, but they seem to be enough as DEATHSPELL OMEGA aimed to record the essence of their new material, the backbone actually, without needing any fillers or bonus songs.

“One of the most eclectic releases in the black-metal scene this year”

The album contains almost everything to satisfy a black- metal fan. It lacks not of aggressiveness, skillful and fast drumming, experimental riffs and rotten, blood-thirsty vocals. ‘The Synarchy of the Molten Bones’ seems also to be a theatrical record. By the specific term I tend to characterize music that seems to be alive in front of the listener, in a mystical and unexplained way. The listener will come in touch with the specific feeling, which started with ‘Fes’ and ‘Paracletus’, in ‘The Synerchy of Molten Bones’ as well, which is the band’s most mature record so far. DEATHSPELL OMEGA now acknowledge what to create, where to stand and what to present, after numerous successful and experimental releases.

From the vocal lines to the lyrics and the way the music is bonded and orchestrated together, each song is original enough and does not repeat itself. The band, also, can successfully combine elements from precocious black metal into the style of the newest black metal scene. Taking a look in the self-titled song or in ‘Internecine Iatrogenesis’, someone could spot out easily the influence of the early Scandinavian black metal scene, mixed together avant-garde and modernism, especially in the way the album sounds and has been produced.

The Synerchy of the Molten Bones’ is a complete record. It is one of the most eclectic releases in the black-metal scene this year, if not the best one. The record will satisfy even the most close-minded black- metal fan and this fact is guaranteed. DEATHSPELL OMEGA deserve the attention and the affection of the black-metal scene, as they reinvented extremeness, making black- metal look sophisticated rather than plain vicious.