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Australian act DEEZ NUTS kick-started their career as “the hardcore band the I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN drummer sings in”. Since then, they evolved into so much more than that. They developed their own trademark sound and improved it with each release. With their previous album, “Word Is Bond”, they took a step back from the whole “partycore” thing and decided to dwell into a more “New York Hardcore” territory. In April 7th, DEEZ NUTS released their fifth studio album “Binge & Purgatory

With this release, the band takes what was implemented into “Word Is Bond”, and they amp it up by a whole bunch. Throughout the album’s length you are met with incredible energy , aggression, and some tunes you can sing along to. There are slam riffs, hardcore punk riffs with fast drumming and crushing breakdowns, all made with great flow and groove. Instrumentally, each of the members are on point, but I think the bass stands out the most with Sean’s overall delivery. The vocals are the same they’ve always been except clearer and better produced. A mixture of hardcore screams and rap, but this time, Matt (guitars, backing vocals) has a significantly more active role in his contribution to the vocal department than “Word is Bond”. The lyrics are less about partying and substance abuse, and more about JJ’s thoughts and struggles.

“The most well rounded album DEEZ NUTS have released to date, and arguably, also their heaviest.”

What they DIDN’T bring back though, aside from the weed and alcohol filled lyrics, is the anthem-like, sing along tunes like, “Band Of Brothers” and “Face This On My Own”, but as I mentioned earlier, there are still catchy parts you can sing along to. Personally, I don’t mind this at all, as the energy and the heaviness of the songs in the album make up for everything.

The engineering and producing is done by Shane Frisby and Andrew Neufeld (vocalist of COMEBACK KID) and I have no complains in regards of the production. Full sound, clear instruments while still maintaining the punk feel, the listener can make out the lyrics easily. Overall, it’s the best album they’ve done so far regarding the mix and how it sounds.

Binge & Purgatory” is the most well rounded album DEEZ NUTS have released to date, and arguably, also their heaviest. If they can keep up this kind of improvement and release albums like this in a consistent basis, people will be more eager to look past the silly name, and see DEEZ NUTS for the solid hardcore band they’ve become.