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UNTIL RAIN come from Greece and more specifically Thessaloniki (at least most of them). They have been around for quite some time and this year is probably the year that they deserve to draw all ears on their brand new album “Inure” which is their third full-length release in line.

Grabbing our attention from the first song “Progressus In Idem” UNTIL RAIN surely wanted to make clear that “Inure” opens a new period for the band. The line-up changes that the band has gone through are surely responsible for this new sound -if I can use this term-. A new drummer, new bass player and of course a brand new singer with different vocal range and abilities which surely inspired them to use it to the maximum in favour of the songs.

The album consists of nine songs that are undoubtedly rooted to the progressive metal genre, with some extremities (e.g. some black metal passages) spicing it up and bringing even more colours to their sound palette. Having obvious influences coming from bands like DREAM THEATER, PAIN OF SALVATION and such, blended with the modern era djent sound of TESSERACT, PERIPHERY etc. always filtered through their own way.

“Beautiful soundscapes and lots of music for the listeners to discover.”

As I mentioned before, apart from the rhythm section that really sounds tight and elegant, the main change of their sound is the introduction of brutal/harsh vocals and of course some of their djent-y and down-tuned riffs, which all of them actually mark a brand new band.

The production of the album is super-modern and proper in the way that it really helps their multi layered music unfold in front of the listeners’ sound spectre with ease, while leaving some elements cleverly hidden to be explored for the following listening sessions.

To sum it all up “Inure” is an album of beautiful soundscapes and lots of music for the listeners to discover. Mostly dark progressive metal would be a rather fair title to the band’s new sound which, in my opinion, has set the standards quite high for their next release. A must listen record for all progsters out there, and with great music in general for all metal listeners. Find it, buy it and let loose to the sounds of it.