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Does MACHINE HEAD Use Fake Guitar Amps?

Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel (pictured below) of San Francisco Bay Area metallers MACHINE HEAD have defended themselves against accusations that they use fake amps as a part of their stage show, insisting that it's something that's been a part of rock shows for decades. Responding to an article that was posted on the web site of the El Paso, Texas radio station KLAQ 95.5 FM that attempted to call out MACHINE HEAD for using dummy cabs on stage, the band released the following statement: "Wow? "While it seems absurd that El Paso, Texas-based radio station 95.5 FM KLAQ would choose to go through the effort to post this on their website, we guess in-light of the big hub-bub about BLACK VEIL BRIDES getting 'called out' by the drummer for THE BRONX for having 'fake cabs' on theWarped tour earlier this month, some 'brain donor' over at the station has decided to drop the 'newsflash of the century' and 'call out' MACHINE HEAD for having 'fake amps' too! A practice that for over 40 years now has been common-place in rock 'n roll going back to the days of VAN HALEN and AC/DC.