MANOWAR Joins Forces With Hollywood Sound Design Specialist HAMILTON STERLING

After recently working with movie and theater legend Brian Blessed ("Hamlet", "Flash Gordon"), MANOWAR has teamed up with another Hollywood veteran, sound designer Hamilton Sterling, for the song "The Warrior's Prayer MMXIV" from the band's forthcoming album, "Kings Of Metal MMXIV". Blessed had recorded the epic narration earlier this year and called it "a brilliant piece of writing" and the collaboration with MANOWAR "completely miraculous and life changing." "Brian did a sensational job! He didn't just narrate the story. He performed it." said MANOWARbassist and producer Joey DeMaio. "When you listen to the narration, you feel like you are watching a short Hollywood movie. We instantly knew that we had to complement Brian's outstanding performance with sound effects of the same quality. We searched for another Hollywood heavyweight, and Mr. Hamilton Sterling was the perfect choice!" Sterling is a sound effects specialist with numerous credits, including action blockbusters like"The Dark Knight", "Men In Black 3", "War Of The Worlds" and "Master And Commander: The Far Side of the World", two of which won Oscars for Best Sound Editing. "My friend, the Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Rich Breen contacted me regardingMANOWAR's soundscape project 'The Warrior's Prayer MMXIV'," said Sterling. "In this case, a previously recorded narrative framework was in place, spoken by the excellent actor Brian Blessed, who I had seen as a young man in Robert Graves' 'I, Claudius'. His evocative performance was a marvel of emotion, and its dynamic range allowed me the space to move from the most quiet and ethereal sounds to full-on battle. His imaginative performance was an excellent guide, as was Mr. DeMaio's sense of story and direction." MANOWAR's "Kings Of Metal" album, a milestone in metal history, was first released on November 18, 1988, followed by a world tour in 1989. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of these events, MANOWAR will release a brand new special version of the album, "Kings Of Metal MMXIV", followed by t