TANKARD: German-Language Biography Coming Soon

Michael "Schumi" Schumacher, a musicologist at the University Of Cologne and longtime TANKARD fan, has penned the German alcoholic thrashers' first official biography called "Life In Beermuda", featuring many photos and commentary from musicians from all over the world. Says TANKARD: "Our biography/book will be only published in German. If the demand for an English version is big enough, there might be a chance for an English version too, though." The 208-page "Life In Beermuda" book will be published in the fall byNicole Schmenk Publishing. TANKARD's 30th-anniversary album, "A Girl Called Cerveza", was released in July 2012 via the band's new label home, Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded at Studio 23 in Frankfurt with producerMichael Mainx (ONKELZ, DER W, DISBELIEF, D-A-D).