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PHILIP ANSELMO: If PANTERA Were To Reunite For One Show…

Natalie Perez of Natalie's World recently conducted an interview with former PANTERA and current DOWN singer Philip Anselmo. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below. On where he would like the show to happen if PANTERA were to reunite for one night only: Anselmo: "Well, see, that's a complex question because, first of all, [latePANTERA guitarist] Dimebag is not alive anymore, and that fact is a gigantic thing. And really, there would have to be a lot of sitting down and going over a lot of very important elements between myself and the other members of PANTERA — choosing a guitar player [to play the gig] and whatnot. It's a completely hypothetical situation, really, [but] I guess, a knee-jerk reaction, or answer, to that question would be, why not where it all started? Why not play where everything began, really, which is Dallas, Texas. I don't see why any other city would make much sense. But still, once again, it's not fair to the East Coast or the West Coast, [because] PANTERA fans are everywhere. So that's a tough question for me to answer. But I guess… Hypothetically, I'd say Dallas, Texas." On whether fans can expect to hear more previously unreleased material from PANTERA in the future: