DAVID DRAIMAN Demands Apology From ROGER WATERS For ‘Blatant’ Anti-Semitic Symbolism

DISTURBED and DEVICE frontman David Draiman has asked his 120,000Twitter followers to condemn British rock musician and anti-Israel activistRoger Waters for allegedly using the Jewish Star of David as one of the symbols on the giant inflatable pig that hovers over "The Wall" concerts. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the pig-shaped balloon emblazoned with the Star of David, as well as dictatorial symbols, dropped from the ceiling while Waters performed on last week in Belgium. The 69-year-old rocker has been using the inflatable pig for years to display political messages, serving primarily as a symbol of greed, fascism and oppression. In a message on, a related Twitter site that allows one to send tweets that require more than 140 characters, Draiman — who has extensive family in Israel, including his brother, Jerusalem-based folk rock and ambient musician Ben Draiman, as well as his grandmother — wrote: "My brothers and sisters, my blood, "Regarding Roger Waters' usage of a flying pig with the Star of David on it during his performances;