KORN: ‘The Paradigm Shift’ Cover Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

KORN will release its 11th studio album, titled "The Paradigm Shift", on October 1. The disc is the first to feature original guitarist Brian "Head" Welch since 2003's "Take A Look In The Mirror". "The Paradigm Shift" track listing: 01. Prey For Me 02. Love & Meth 03. What We Do 04. Spike In My Veins 05. Mass Hysteria 06. Paranoid And Aroused 07. Never Never 08. Punishment Time 09. Lullaby For A Sadist 10. Victimized 11. It's All Wrong 12. Wish I Wasn’t Born Today (bonus track on deluxe edition) 13. Tell Me What You Want (bonus track on deluxe edition) The cover artwork for "The Paradigm Shift" can be seen below. Welch told The Pulse Of Radio how it felt to get back in the studio and record with the band again. "You know, all this stuff came in the perfect time and I knew it was meant to be because it was so smooth, everything fell into place, and then when we started writing, everything started falling into place better," he said. "So it was just so awesome, dude, and even from when we started writing to this day right now, there's been nothing, no negative anything at all." Welch told Rolling Stone that the new album has "the old KORN vibe, but with a new twist . . . The end

KORN To Release ‘The Paradigm Shift’ In October

According to, KORN has set "The Paradigm Shift" as the title of its new album, due on October 1. The CD, produced by Don Gilmore (PEARL JAM, LINKIN PARK, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE,LACUNA COIL), is the band's first to feature founding guitarist Brian "Head" Welch since 2003's "Take A Look In The Mirror". Regarding the sound of the new KORN album, Welch "I'm a metalhead. I love rock music, and I came here just wanting to do the old KORN vibe, but with a new twist. Me andMunky [James Shaffer] haven't been playing guitar together for eight years, so we came in just wanting to jam out with the bass player Fieldy[Reginald Arvizu] and Ray [Luzier], our drummer . . . The end product is a really good mix of old KORN mixed with some new elements. It's got a fresh new KORN 2013 sound. And the melodies, the lyrics and the choruses on these songs are at a new level. It's my favorite album byKORN." KORN singer Jonathan Davis also revealed that his recent substance-abuse issues had a significant impact on the the songwriting process for"The Paradigm Shift".