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MONSTER MAGNET Mainman: ‘I Miss The Album As An Art Form

Christopher Lee of Crypt Magazine recently conducted an interview with MONSTER MAGNETmainman Dave Wyndorf. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Crypt Magazine: It's 2013, and the new MONSTER MAGNET album, "Last Patrol", will be hitting the racks in a couple of weeks. Where have you guys been the past couple of years? Dave Wyndorf: In the three years, we did "Mastermind", toured the fuck out of Europe and the world, just completely going on! Um, so we had one record and a lot of touring. I toured that new record, plus did a bunch of tours doing whole-album performances of early albums like"Spine Of God", "Dopes To Infinity", and that's how I spend my time, ya know?! On the road! Not in America a lot, but the rest of the world; that's what I do. Crypt Magazine: So what do you think about this whole thing with people being pacified with buying one single on iTunes and the whole art of the "album" being reduced to nothing. An artist's life's work to write that one song has been condensed into a little meaningless MP3. Dave Wyndorf: It's brutal, dude, it's brutal, but what are you gonna do? It's like the people have spoken, and ultimately, they're the people that make the decision. It's, like, there's no conspiracy behind it, there's nothing, it's like we just have to face the fact that we live in a world full of idiots.