Heavy metal music has a long history and through this history it has generated myriads of bands. Some managed to surface up and bathed in success, others didn’t make it probably due to wrong timing, insufficient resources, ineffective management, God knows what. However, there is a third piece in the puzzle of metal music which comprises bands which appeared in the past, left a spark of magic and mysteriously disappeared.

The legendary Crimson Glory belong to this group. Many of you may legitimately argue that the Crimsons are still well alive and kicking; however you have to admit that nothing resembles the epic, dark and mysterious atmosphere of the legendary ‘Transcendence’ album. In 1989, in-between the fall of a mythical era (80’s glam rock/metal) and the rise of a new compelling age (the birth of progressive metal), Crimson Glory quietly knitted their masterpiece and gave the metal community a reason to be remembered by, FOREVER.

A must have record was compiled, which combined the glam but non-sleazy qualities of the 80’s with superb musicianship and excellent technique. Featuring sharp, high note vocals by the mystical Midnight, mellow and catchy guitar melodies that created a bizarrely nostalgic feeling and an imposing adventurous fantasy that would comfortably take your thoughts and your spirit to a different world. Dynamically transferring your senses to an alternative reality, a parallel universe, this milestone album could not bear a more appropriate title: ‘TRANSCENDENCE’. It is one of these albums that deep inside you know that there will be no other; it is one of a kind; so perfect and unique that no super-band of our days dares to cover any of its songs. This album is untouchable and no other musicians could ever deliver its atmosphere and quality as well as Crimson Glory once did.

Written by: Dime.
Translated by: Thanos Koulouris.