“Whispers Often Bleat” is Savaoth’s first full-length album, a band from Athens, Greece, founded in 2001. Already having the Murk of Erebus demo in their credit, they finally signed up with I for an I records in 2008.

What we have here is a mix of atmospheric black metal and industrial/electro sounds – a new addition. The tracks are well-written with alternations from one style, or even genre, to another but oddly tend to be pretty coherent. The keyboard along with the effects is quite distinctive and attributes to a strong feeling of insanity, especially combined with the guitar works, which at some points are somewhat similar to those of Abigor in “Τill Stars Don’t Shine” for example.

Vocals vary from modern black metal “school’s” type like Shagrath’s from Dimmu Borgir, which left apparent traces throughout the nine compositions as a major influence, to more furious, that sound familiar to Dark Funeral’s.

The obviously amplified drumming is in much faster paces now in regards to their demo, resulting in a series of forceful tracks, like “Martyrion”, “My Virtuous Whore”-with a hint of Emperor in it- and the self titled.

Website: www.myspace.com/savaoth666

Track List Line Up
01. Prototype Generative Procedure
02. Whispers Often Bleat
03. Martyrion
04. My Virtuous Whore
05. The Illiberal Oppressor
06. Till Stars Don’t Shine
07. Leaven Of Revolt
08. XAOS
09. Dark Anise Scent
Bill – vocals, guitar
Angel – bass
George – drums
Q_snc – keyboards

Alcmene P.