Trigger from Athens are about to make a new effort in their career and they are sounding rather promising and willing to bring something new to the Greek scene. They were once a one man band formed by Kostas Lolis, the vocalist who tries to combine a range of various expressive tunes, be it clean, low tuned or brutal. Created ten years ago and having already released two albums, ”Reflections” (2005) and ”Thin Air” (2009), they are releasing their single ”Scapegoat”, which consists of the title track, a groovy tune that looks straight into the modern American sound and influenced by bands like Pantera and Machine Head, while the other track called ”Last Degree” is a mix of Down meeting In Flames.

A track brought out to explore the range of feelings someone has inside him. Acoustic with the piano part becoming a haunting tune that will surely stick in your mind. Lately they have changed their drummer after seven years and with the new line-up ready, the five-piece is ready to do something really special this time. The ”Scapegoat” single is a great sample of what Trigger was about and what they are willing to become in the days to come. Who wants to listen to something full of good sound that knows no limits, should definitely check them out.

Track List Line Up
01. Scapegoat
02. Last Degree
Kostas Lolis – Vocals
Dimitris Mouzakis – Guitars
Stamoulakis Bouris – Guitars
Giannis Synodinos – Bass
Vasilis Georgiadis – Drums


Aggelos “Redneck” Katsouras