Admire The Cosmos Black” the videoclip from Greek black metallers LORD IMPALER, can be seen above.

The band was formed in late 1998 in Kastoria, and proceeded to record and release our first demo “The Lord Impaler” in 1999, followed by “Twilight Wander” in 2001. They also gave 2 live shows in 1999 and 2000. Then the band went into hiatus. Risen from the dead in 2005, they discarded most of their old stuff and went on to release “Promo 2005“. In 2007 participated in a 4-way split released on 10” vinyl format under the title “The Ascending Novelty“. In 2009 released another demo under the very original title “Demo 2009“, showcasing music of our forthcoming debut album.

In 2010 they finished the recordings of our first full-length album “Admire the Cosmos Black” which was under constant development since 2005. The album contains 10 tracks spanning over 1 hour and was released in 2011 (self financed). The album was mixed and mastered at Molla Lydstudio by Knut M. Valle. Drums were performed by the legendary Hellhammer (Mayhem).

THe band is currently working on new matterials for the second album