For the best artwork award there are some interesting nominees. INSOMNIUM is competing, with their vivid illustration of winter, along with OPETH for the artwork of their latest record, titled “Sorceress“. The Greek band TARDIVE DYSKINESIA is also another nominee, for the artwork of their latest release, ‘Harmonic Confusion’, depicting the face of a man under a surreal prespective. Other competitors are THE VISION BLEAK with The Unknown, an artwork coming straight out the Lovecraft’s imagination and BLACK RAINBOWS with “Stellar Prophecy“, a truly trippy one. KVELERTAK rocked the year with “Nattesferd” and the Viking in their artwork, while KATATONIA are competing with the melancholic artwork of “The Fall of Hearts“. TESTAMENT’s The Brotherwood of Snake” depicts a three-headed snake while the two last nominees, SULPHUR and INTER ARMA released records with beautiful artwork, depicting the anatomy of a human body and the portrait of a ship wreck in the angry sea, respectively.