Many great records were released this year and through them many singles were picked out from the fans. AMON AMARTH are the first to compete with the Viking anthem “Raise Your Horns, while METALLICA and GOJIRA come next, with “Halo On Fire“, one of the most emotional songs METALLICA has ever written and “Silvera“, a dynamic track from France’s metal pioneers. MEGADETH are not absent from the specific award, competing with “Dystopia, while GHOST are here with “Square Hammer“, the only original song included in their latest cover-songs EP. The greek stoner band 1000MODS are nominee with the trippy “Into The Spell“, while ABBATH is competing with “Winterbane“, an aggressive and cold-hearted, black metal classic. CULT OF LUNA/JULIE CHRISTMAS made it with the ambient “The Wreck of S.S. Needle” and AVENGED SEVENFOLD with “The Stage“. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE are offering some serious heavy metal, returning with “Hate By Design” while ROTTING CHRIST’s “Elthe Kyrie is placing the band in their black metal throne once again. DEFTONES’ latest record offered many singles, but “Prayers/Triangles made it into the list, while GRAVE PLEASURES revived their ‘Beastmilk’ sound in “Deadenders. Last two nominees include DARK TRANQUILLITY with “Atoma and NAILS with the aggressive “You will never be one of us.