For the best video clip award, the list of the fabulous video clips that just rocked 2016, begins with CLUTCH and “A Quick Death in Texas“, a video clip that will be adored by the fans of western movies. Nergal and the BEHEMOTH took a lovely, ethereal trip in the dessert for “Ben Sahar“, while ORANSSI PAZUZU’s Lahja offered an enigmatic depiction of witchcraft in the woods. GOJIRA’s “The Shooting Star includes a trippy trip into the band’s esotericism while ROB ZOMBIE’s “The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore” is a horror film itself. DEVILDRIVER competes with “Daybreak“. TARDIVE DYSKINESIA’s “Savior Complex will make the viewer laugh himself off his chair and SLAYER claims domination with “Pride in Prejudice“, one of the trilogy-video clips coming off their latest release. Another movie-like video clip is offered by VOLBEAT and their “Seal the Deal“, a clip which will satisfy every fan of kick-boxing. Last but not least, BARONESS and their single “Shock Me“, with a clip full of wonderful frames, depicting two women into a magnificent but lonely world.