Dear readers,

Given the fact that I have the chance to express myself in this editorial, I feel the urge to kick off my writings by a small introduction to our webzine. Music journalism was always one of the most appealing one, as well as a tricky matter. An editor is challenged to see through his own personal taste in order to review and deliver articles that do not meddle with reality and integrity. In Greece, most of the times, we, the music editors, are treated as people who just want to enter in a gig for free and the blame for this is, actually, partly ours, partly of the scumbags that think themselves as the owners of the Greek music scene. walked through difficulties, was renewed many times, but survived in a dignified state, aiming for a global recognition. I’m now happy to be part of a team of editors that care for their writings, care about the readers and what our site stands for. For me, a webzine without personality is a webzine without a purpose.  With plenty of unique interviews and throughout our reviews, we have shaped our personality, which, in my opinion, is and should be close to the North American webzines.

Enough with the praises, let’s get to the plaque. What’s our plaque? Our attitude is the plaque. Max Cavalera is a fair victim of that plaque. In a recent interview, he talked kind of shit about the new SEPULTURA and whose fault is this? Definitely not his. It is actually his personal right to feel hatred towards SEPULTURA, because he has what people call FREE WILL. I can’t judge if his opinion is right or wrong and definitely Max does not need the publicity (he already has that). So who’s to blame? The interviewers who have the chance to speak to such a talented person, with many ongoing project and STILL stop to ask about the past and the annoying question ‘how do you feel about your old band’.  As a result, we are stuck with a type of journalism which cares only about the blockbusters, the conflicts and without essence. Well, that’s our plaque, what haunts the struggle of our writings to survive through the massive wall of shit that reigns in the internet today.

However, my fellow readers, there’s hope for internet scripting. The hope is in those editors who always try to surpass themselves, out of love for art, in order to express themselves, even without payment. Dodging the motto: only ink is real, I tend to believe that we are leading through a different era, the meta-capitalism world where people will fight for free valid information, in both magazines as well as webzines.

Ending this article here, I want you to know that the specific editorial is the inferno that will, for sure, burn all the heretics of our music scene and we will get the chance to discuss music matters from a cynical perspective and somehow annoying. Besides this article, I won’t spend my writings in matters besides music. Make sure to enter the inferno each month and don’t forget to stay heavy.


1) Come on mr. Araya, we all know that slayer were never liberals, you don’t have to hide behind your figure. Acts like those (deleting the trump photo from slayer’s account) is just plain cowardice

2) Amiri King you suck

3) Mastodon rules

Till next time,

K.A. Tsotsanis