Ruben Mosqueda of Oregon Music News recently conducted an interview with Max Cavalera

(SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, ex-SEPULTURA). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Oregon Music News: On your new album, “Enslaved”, you have a couple of new members joining you and guitarist Marc Rizzo. You have bassist Tony Campos replacing Bobby Burns and drummer David Kinkade replacing Joe Nunez. Did you know who you wanted or was there an audition process?

Max: Last year, we parted ways with our bass player, then shortly after, our drummer quit. It was perfect because it gave me an opportunity to reorganize SOULFLY; it gave me an opportunity to pick some very cool guys and make a great record with. I specifically picked Tony and David because they are a great fit for this kind of band — they have played extreme metal, death metal and they’re perfect for SOULFLY. When the other guys left I was already beginning to envision SOULFLY would go into the direction of death metal.

Oregon Music News: So it sounds like there were no auditions and you simply knew who you wanted on board?

Max: Right. I knew what they were capable of. Tony is a solid bass player; he approaches the bass like a guitarist does. It’s almost like we have three guitar players in the band now. David is a great extreme drummer; he was playing with BORKNAGAR in Norway — a death metal band there. David is great with double bass and blasting beats. It’s really exciting for me to play with new guys and make a heavy record like ENSLAVED. The whole process was very exciting for me; I really dig reading what people think of the record.

Oregon Music News: Obviously there will be more CAVALERA CONSPIRACY music. When do you foresee that taking shape?

Max: It will happen, but much later. I have a new project that I’m working with Greg Puciato from THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, which is in the vein of NAILBOMB. We’re not going to tour behind that; we’re just going to do a couple of shows. We’ll be putting the record out there just like we did with NAILBOMB — just the record with little promotion and a couple of live shows. CAVALERA will take place after that so right now it won’t be until 2013 until you see a new CAVALERA CONSPIRACY record.

Oregon Music News: The last time we spoke you talked about how you reunited with [your brother and former SEPULTURA drummer] Igor. One of the things that is on the minds of the fans, myself included, is how close you, Igor, [and other members of SEPULTURA’s classic lineup] Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr. are to being on speaking terms?

Max: [Pause] I’m just waiting to see what happens. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen. Right now, I feel like it won’t happen. I’m not counting on it. If it happens great, I’d be excited to do it. If it doesn’t happen, I’m happy with SOULFLY, CAVELERA CONSPIRACY, the project with Greg — my plate is full.

Read the entire interview from Oregon Music News.