Dear readers,

I’m still trying to shallow the fact that BLACK SABBATH are no more. I know, Iommi’s health is troubling and Ozzy is not at a better shape himself, but the band is maybe one of the most important ones in metal and in music worldwide. Putting aside my personal experience with the band, I find BLACK SABBATH the most extraordinary and pioneer band in the world. They embraced pentatonic and gave birth to metal. All the rock bands combined together at that time could never have achieved what Iommi did, on purpose or accidentally (due to his hand injury). Although they were pumped up with drugs and alcohol, BLACK SABBATH actually stood up for something (or at least Iommi and Butler did, Ozzy was somewhere between the stars). In Iommi’s riffs I have found a paternal figure, inspiration and what I needed in order to start playing the guitar, as well as digging into metal.

The band and Iommi could do whatever they wanted. Take a look at their records for instance. “Masters of Reality” is totally different and more experimental than “Paranoid” and “Black Sabbath”. “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” on the other hand defined the meaning of ‘riff’ and IV unfolded stoner and dessert rock through what? A fucking metal record composed somewhere between the million sniff of cocaine. But yeah, they stood up for something, unlike of Phil Anselmo. Oops, I might have crossed the line here. Our dear no-racist-fun-to-be-a-nazi Anselmo has finished five records with different projects, according to his words. Don’t get me wrong. I still find myself in love with DOWN, but Phil, give us a break. Claiming you’re not racist is just moronic. However, Phil is no racist actually. He is just an idiot. And a junky. Unlike Ozzy, he is just trying to destroy anything around him by acting like a douchebag. That’s the reality of it. Phil Anselmo is a douchebag.

You know who else is doing whatever puts in mind, just like IommI? MASTODON. Yes, they do and they have stopped giving a shit about anything years ago. In my mind, I need the artist to be free to create music, even if they step out of their music lines. That’s the main reason why I respect OPETH, even if they haven’t produced anything great the latest years. However, I totally respect them and admire them for guiding the band wherever they feel the need to go. For some, switching from metal to another genre, or producing different records than what was expected, is somehow a sacrilege. Well, here in the inferno, we tend to love blasphemy generally and that’s the main reason why I believe that those who get ‘insulted’ by artists that act independent from stereotypes, are those who perceive music as a football team. Music is their team and they are the hooligans, the fanboys, and the heathers. In the end, the musicians will win. They will do what pleases them and they will get paid for it. They compose music for their souls, not for the fans. They are artists. They are free.

‘Emperor of Sand’ is one of the most anticipated records this year for me and I hope many will follow. Dear readers, my little demons, don’t ever stop exploring music and the world. That’s the way to make the music Iommi, or anyone else created, matter.


1) DREAM THEATER’s Petrucci claimed he likes Donald Trump. Maybe because Petrucci perceives DREAM THEATER in the same way Donald Trump perceives USA: a company to earn dollars from. Hey John don’t forget to compose a thirty minutes long song than no one ever cares about for Trump.

2) James’ Hetfield health issue reveals what we all try not to think about. Time flows and METALLICA are not young anymore. Along with Metallica, artists of the same age are close to their mid-life crisis. Get well soon James!

3) I almost forgot. Lady Gaga rules!

4) Give us more records 2017! Stop being lazy!

Till next time,

K.A. Tsotsanis