Dear readers,

In my first ever article in ‘Sludger’s Inferno’ I mentioned a few things about music journalism and how webzines conquered a major part of it. I also spoke about pathogens that live and breathe in the specific industry. What I haven’t talked about yet, is the worst and most horrific pathogen of all; the editors.

I remember being a kid, around fourteen years old, arriving at my grandmother’s house to live in with clothes that I could actually measure in my hand (one hand not both). Whenever you talked about the music you loved, that you either have listened to it through friends or the internet (which was shit that days), those certain editors (either in magazines or, later, on webzines) would slam your enthusiasm by counting how many records they own, or how many musicians they have met, or how many demos with exclusive content they have earned by whipping musician’s asses. As a result, you would get so disappointed that everything loses its magic. How can I buy more than a record when I cannot even afford a second pair of shoes?

The boy grew older and I must say that music and records kept flowing somehow. However, I still find myself disguised when I’m getting in touch with those elitists once more. Music is not a show off and I don’t really care about one. How, fucking, miserable is to measure your knowledge in arts and your personal flavor in music by how many records you own, or how many concerts you have attended or how many bands you have followed when they began their career. This journey is automatically without a value if you brag about it to everyone you meet.  Elitism is good as long as it helps you get a better perspective on arts but it works in negative forces if you just try to be provocative to someone.

Speaking about bragging, SUICIDE SILENCE has been quite cocky about their latest release. They even fired their previous manager because he did not like the direction of their new record. Well, as I have supported before, every musician should be free to compose music without caring about the opinions of fans. Yep, sorry guys but they shouldn’t. However, musicians should be able to remain calm and accept the fact that their record or new direction is shit, because freedom of speech does not exist only about them. Experimentation is good, but sometimes it produces rather bad outcomes, just like Lulu, for example. Or Linkin Park’s new direction. It’s all about bands gambling but losing. However, I do have to admit: gambling requires guts.

Inspiring experimentations can be found in RAMMSTEIN too, who have actually released a documentary about their Paris concert. For everyone liking the band, I would recommend to walk to the nearest cinema and watch the documentary. Rammstein, in my opinion, have the most complete concerts. Both visually and auditory, their concerts reach perfection, not to mention the how important and interesting are their opinions about certain matters such as politics and society (yes, I know they have a song titled ‘Pussy’). It is a shame we only get the chance to watch the film for just a date and not as a casual movie, which is played in the cinemas for a period.

My little demons, I hope someday we will be able to break the chain of elitism and this may result to a restart of the music industry generally. Until then, it is advisable not to let anyone affect your views on arts with any kind of negative way, because no one earned a PhD on it.

Till Chicago Bulls manage to earn a win,

K.A Tsotsanis


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