KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley has told Brazil’s O Dia Online that the band’s new LP will be released in September. He also described it as “a classic KISS album” and a throwback to the “Destroyer” and “Love Gun” songwriting style bit with modern production.

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons recently confirmed the group’s first album since 1998’s “Psycho Circus” is being produced by Stanley. “I don’t have enough time to tie my shoelaces and there’s nobody else I trust more than Paul,” Simmons told

Regarding the sound of the new material, Simmons said, “There’s nothing to prove to anybody. We’re not interested in musical trends or anything else. We’re too long in the tooth for that. So it’s going to be sort of a classic ’70s rock and roll vibe. Meat and potatoes. You know, sometimes you just want to go out and have a meat and potatoes thing [and] forget the French dressing.”

According to, Universal will release a new KISS live album called “Authorized Bootleg – Nashville Municipal Auditorium 1998” on May 26. No further details are currently available.

(Thanks: Deucenews)