SEPULTURA’s Andreas Kisser has once again denied that the band is considering a reunion of its classic lineup — despite the fact that fans are still clamoring for vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera and former drummer Igor Cavalera to make their return.

“Two years ago, people were pressuring us for a reunion, since it was the age of reunions — from THE POLICE to ANTHRAX,” Kisser told Noisecreep. “So I think people felt we might be ready to do something like that also. That is not the case. We are focused on what we are doing. We have a new drummer, and we recorded the album with him for first time. And we are in a great moment and the intention is build for the future and not be slaves to the past.”

Kisser, however, stopped short of completely ruling out a reunion with the Cavalera brothers at some point in the future, stating, “You never know. This stuff can happen sooner or later. Who knows? Maybe never? Let’s see. We’re focusing on what we do right now.”

In a September 2009 interview with “The Classic Metal Show”, Max Cavalera was asked if he thought SEPULTURA’s reputation was being tarnished by the band’s current lineup. “Well, it’s not really up to me to say that,” Max replied. “I think I left it up to the fans to decide, and I think they are showing their feelings, because I don’t think SEPULTURA is doing all that good these days. There’s no original members [left], and it’s just kind of hard to believe in a band like that, because everybody that was in it originally has left. But what can I say?! I’m pleased with what I’m doing. Playing with Igor [in CAVALERA CONSPIRACY] is great, and the way SOULFLY is coming together is great, so I just keep doing my thing.”

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