Slayer’s new album, World Painted Blood, is going to get a fitting visual accompaniment courtesy of a 20-minute horror short titled Playing With Dolls. The DVD, which features clips from every track on the disc, as well as one unreleased song, will be included in the deluxe edition of Word Painted Blood, due for release on November 3.

Playing With dolls is the creation of Mark Brooks, Slayer fan and director of Metalocalypse, featuring metal’s greatest animated combo DethKlok. Combining elements of both animation and still−photography, the film runs like a 12 episode video−graphic novel.

“It’s not live action and it’s not animated,” Brooks says. “It’s a weird hybrid of the two, and I haven’t seen a lot of things done this way.”

The short takes its themes from World Painted Blood, in particular the track from which the film takes its name. The story follows a merciless man with a heart cold from tragedy on a precise and poetic personal journey of gruesome murders.

“It’s a little weirder than your regular blood ’n’ guts type thing,” Brooks says, “which I think is a reflection of Slayer’s music.”

Click here to check out the trailer for “Playing With Dolls”