Virginia’s melodic/technical death metal band ARSIS has posted a new song, “Beyond Forlorn”, on the group’s MySpace page. The track comes off ARSIS’ new album, “Starve For The Devil”, which is scheduled for release in North America on February 9, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Commented guitarist/vocalist James Malone: “I am of the belief that one can be most convincing when they write/create from personal experience. ‘Beyond Forlorn’ is probably one of my favorite tracks from ‘Starve for the Devil’ because it is so deeply personal for me. I really feel that I tried to put all of my being into this one track.”

“Beyond Forlorn”
(Music and lyrics by James Malone)

Lead Theme By James

The Dreams Of Others
Wither By Light Of Day
When The Truth’s Uncovered
You Will Find Me Wasting Away

A Dark Curse Upon Me
Flesh Bound To The Whiping Post
Hunted And Haunted
Stalked By Nostalgia The Memory Of A Ghost

Beyond Forlorn, The Answers Lie In Lonliness Disease Reborn, I Am So Full On Emptiness

In The Heart Of Torture
Came The Vulture’s Melody
To Grant My Wishes
A Pardon From This Malady.

A Drop Of Poison
Just A Drop To Call The Armies Off
A Chance For Release
For Release Is All I Ever Want

Beyond Forlorn, The Answers Lie In Lonliness Disease Reborn, I Am So Full On Emptiness The Greed That Blankets Passion Keeps All Of Our Grief In Fashion And As The Fervor Slowly Dies I Damn My Soul To Open Up The Sky.

Lead Theme: James
Solo: James
Solo: Nick

From This Failing Temple
Draped In Scarlet Shrouds
The Starving Statue
Looks On And Speaks Aloud

Locked Inside The Famine Chamber
I Am The Prince Of Emaciation
Under The Spell Of The Coldest Slendor
Grant Me My Wish, Release The Poison

A Dark Curse Upon Me
Flesh Bound To The Whipping Post
A Drop Of Poison
Just A Drop To Call The Armies Off

Beyond Forlorn
The Answers Lie In Lonliness
Disease Reborn
I Am So Full On Emptiness
The Greed That Blankets Passion
Keeps All Of Our Grief In Fashion
Beyond Forlorn, Stalked By Nostalgia
My Memories Are Your Ghost [End of lyrics]

ARSIS recently revealed the Mark Riddick artwork and track listing for the limited-edition iTunes / Nuclear Blast mailorder / vinyl version of “Starve For The Devil”.

The Nuclear Blast mailorder edition of “Starve For The Devil” (limited to 1,000 copies) will come with a slipcase and features two bonus tracks (one being a cover of KING DIAMOND’s “The Lake”). The single-disc vinyl version is limited to 500 copies and will feature the same track listing plus bonus tracks as the mailorder edition.

“Starve For The Devil” track listing:

01. Forced To Rock
02. A March For The Sick
03. From Soulless To Shattered (Art In Dying)
04. Beyond Forlorn
05. The Ten Of Swords
06. Closer To Cold
07. Sick Perfection
08. Half Past Corpse O’Clock
09. Escape Artist
10. Sable Rising

Bonus tracks:

11. A Pound Of Flesh (For The Hell Of It)
12. The Lake (KING DIAMOND cover)

“Starve For The Devil” was recorded at Planet Z Studios in Hadley, Massachusetts with producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris, who has previously worked with MUNICIPAL WASTE, AGNOSTIC FRONT and HATEBREED, among others.

ARSIS’ recording lineup:

James Malone – Guitars/Vocals
Mike Van Dyne – Drums
Nick Cordle – Guitars
Nathaniel Carter – Bass

ARSIS will take part in the North American “Tyrants Of Evil” tour with ARCH ENEMY, EXODUS and MUTINY WITHIN beginning January 20, 2010. Malone said, “Not only will it be our first tour in support of our new album, but it will also be the first time that ARSIS toured in the United States in well over a year.

“I hope to see many familiar faces; I have greatly missed hanging out with all the ARSIS fans at shows.”

ARSIS was recently on the road in Europe as part of the Neckbreakers Ball tour with BEHEMOTH, DEVILDRIVER, and SCAR SYMMETRY.

ARSIS’ previous album, “We Are the Nightmare”, was released in April 2008 through Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was produced by Zeuss at Planet Z Studios and was mastered by Alan Douches (KATAKLYSM, UNEARTH, SHADOWS FALL).

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