Denmark’s melodic doom metal masters SATURNUS have issued the following update:

“As you might know, we went through a substantial ‘re-grouping’ last year. Thomas A.G. Nielsen and Brian Hansen are, of course, still in the band handling vocals and bass while lead guitarist Rune Stiassny, who already participated in two European tours, also is a full-blooded member of SATURNUS. We are looking forward to present our drummer and a rhythm guitarist as well when the time comes.

“While we are humble towards the achievements of the past we are at the same time confident that we are able to carry on the flame and create a new SATURNUS album. When exactly a new album will see the light of day we can’t say for sure. But what we can say is that we are currently in the process of writing new songs and that we will do some pre-recording for our album this spring.

“The new material — in our opinion — is promising indeed. But if you would like a peek listen as to how it actually sounds like we have uploaded a YouTube clip [below] from our performance of the new song ‘Wind Torn’ in Madrid last fall. We hope you like it… (our former drummer Jesper and Martin from NIGHTLIGHT/IRON FIRE helped us out on this tour — thank you!).”

SATURNUS’s latest album, “Veronika Decides To Die”, was released in 2006. The CD was produced by Flemming Rasmussen (METALLICA, ARTILLERY) and featured a guest appearance by MERCYFUL FATE guitar legend Michael Denner. The album was nominated in four catagories (“Best Metal Album”, “Best Metal Track”, “Best Metal Production” and “Best Metal Artwork”) at the 2006 Danish Metal Awards event.