Nevermore frontman Warrel Dane announced that his late ’80s cult metal outfit Sanctuary will reunite to record a new studio album. “[I’ve] been talking with Lenny [Rutledge, former SANCTUARY guitarist],” Dane explains. “We are really good friends again and it feels good.” He adds, “I missed my relationship with him for many years.”

Regarding how the SANCTUARY reunion will affect NEVERMORE, which has a new studio album (“The Obsidian Conspiracy”) coming out next month, Dane says, “NEVEMORE is never going away, so don’t start any more rumors!”

On March 8, Ironbird via Cherry Red Records reissued SANCTUARY’s first two albums — 1987’s “Refuge Denied”, produced by Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH; and 1990’s “Into The Mirror Black”, produced by Howard Benson — on a single CD.

“Refuge Denied” contains a great version of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE’s “White Rabbit”. “Into The Mirror Black”, SANCTUARY’s second and final album, is an overlooked masterpiece, blurring the lines between technical, Bay Area-style thrash, traditional heavy metal and European power metal.

Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard went on to extend SANCTUARY’s ambition and songwriting sensibilities into the superb NEVERMORE.