Slash appears to have reconciled with his wife of nine years, Perla Ferrar. The ex-GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist, whose real name is Saul Hudson, filed for divorce in late August in Los Angeles County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences.

Slash and Perla were filmed by Hollywood.TV (see video below) yesterday (Thursday, October 21) after they landed at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) following “a fantastic and much-needed vacation,” according to a posting on Slash’s Twitter profile.

Slash and Perla were married in October 2001. This is Slash’s second marriage.

Around the time his second son was born, Slash told The Pulse of Radio that becoming a family man helped settle him down. “I never actually was one of those guys that said I’m gonna be single forever and never have children,” he said. “I just never made plans for it, so when it happened, it was, like, at the perfect time in my life. It’s like, if it had happened a second earlier, I couldn’t have handled it, ’cause I was too out there. Then when the kids came, it actually sort of secured me, more than anything.”