Slash was joined on stage by Lemmy from MOTÖRHEAD for a rendition of “Doctor Alibi” during the former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist’s concert this past Monday night (April 11) at El Teatro Colegiales in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be viewed below.

Slash’s setlist for the Buenos Aires show was as follows:

01. Ghost
02. Mean Bone (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT cover)
03. Sucker Train Blues (VELVET REVOLVER cover)
04. Nightrain (GUNS N’ ROSES cover)
05. Rocket Queen (GUNS N’ ROSES cover)
06. Civil War (GUNS N’ ROSES cover)
07. Beggars & Hangers-On (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT cover)
08. Back from Cali
09. Starlight
10. Nothing to Say
11. Watch This Dave
12. Rise Today (ALTER BRIDGE cover)
13. Doctor Alibi (feat. Lemmy Kilmister)
14. My Michelle (GUNS N’ ROSES cover)
15. Fall To Pieces (VELVET REVOLVER cover)
16. The Godfather Theme
17. Sweet Child o’ Mine (GUNS N’ ROSES cover)
18. Slither (VELVET REVOLVER cover)


19. Mr. Brownstone (GUNS N’ ROSES cover)
20. Paradise City (GUNS N’ ROSES cover)

“Doctor Alibi” comes off Slash’s self-titled solo album, which came out in April 2010.

In a March 2010 interview with, Slash stated about the experience of recording “Doctor Alibi” with Lemmy, “That was another great moment; having Lemmy come down. Because Lemmy was one of those guys that I so looked up to and I still do. When I was a kid, I was one of those Lemmy fans that would bow in his presence. And we got to be friends and he’s always sort of taken me under his wing kind of thing and he’s always been really cool. Lemmy is one of those kinds of guys who can have a real serious attitude if he wants to. He’s actually a really nice guy in general. I always thought he was sort of intimidating but he was always really nice to me. And I’ve had a chance to work with him; I’ve played on one of their records [‘March or Die’] and I’ve done a lot of gigs with ’em. I asked him if he’d be interested and I sent him the thing and he got it right away and he came down to the studio. . . We had bottle of Jack Daniels and a couple bags of potato chips and it reminded me of when I used to show up at sessions. It was great. And the song is all about how the doctor told him how he might have to quit partying and then another doctor said, ‘No, you need to continue.’ It’s a great personal thing; I’m really honored to have it on there.