Gary Holt ExodusEXODUS guitarist Gary Holt says that the band’s former singer, Steve “Zetro” Souza, will never be asked to rejoin the group despite the fact that Zetro has gone “on a public relations blitz to get his job back.”

In a June 3 interview with DJ JC Green of Metal Messiah Radio’s “Heavy Metal Thunder”, Zetro was asked if there is any chance that he will ever return to front EXODUS. “I would love to be there again,” he replied. “It would be great for all the fans to be able hear me sing my songs again.”

He continued, “[The current members of EXODUS and I have] talked over the past few years. They do have a singer; his name is Rob [Dukes]. Everybody knows that that’s their singer for right now and until that decision is made otherwise, I completely understand and that’s why I go along with [my new band] HATRIOT, for one. But how great would that be to see Zetro up there again singing those famous songs like ‘The Toxic Waltz’ and ‘Cajun Hell’ and all the good ones?”

He added, “I’m looking forward to it, too. I’m sure it will happen one day. One of these days it will happen. All you EXODUS fans will have to see. I hear you everywhere I go: ‘Zetro, we want you back in the band.’ [But] it’s not my decision. If it was up to me, you know what I would do. So I just want you guys to know it probably will happen some day. Just keep your fingers crossed. Go to [EXODUS’] web site, [and] tell Gary Holt; he’s the man you have to convince.”

Responding to Zetro’s comments after they were posted on BLABBERMOUTH.NET, Holt wrote, “This dude is on a public relations BLITZ to get his job back!

“Just because I don’t hold a grudge [against him] DOES NOT mean he’s ever gonna get his job back.

“What TOTAL disrespect he showed to me, Rob, and this band. I guess he figures he’ll take it to the streets to build up some kind of hype. He believes what he wants to believe, I guess, that the entire world is waiting for his glorious return.

“He came to my birthday party and I figured he’d hit me up, but he’s saving it for interviews. I’d feel bad if I were in his band, knowing all he wants to do is bail on them.

“Funny, the band is doing better than ever and we so desperately need him, it seems! LOL! . . . It’s really quite sad, like a dude begging for his woman back even though she’s long since moved on. Like ‘I’ll get her back, you just watch, she may be getting nailed by someone else, but she really belongs to me, she just doesn’t realize it yet!’

“Move on, man, move on. [You] had your chance, [you] didn’t want to work at it, now it’s not waiting for you anymore.”

In another message, Holt added, “I think [Zetro’s] band [HATRIOT] is cool and they are a bunch of motivated youngsters with a lot of drive.

“I have nothing against Zetro; really I don’t. I consider him a friend, but the lobbying through the press for people to convince me to give him his job back just got under my skin, because Rob is NOT a placecard holder in EXODUS, he’s our singer.

“Zetro’s place in EXODUS history is solid, he made some great records with us, and had a good run with the band. But this is now, not then, and we do not plan on throwing away what we have to go back in time.”

Zetro left EXODUS in September 2004 on the eve of the band’s South American headlining tour over what was described as long-standing business and personal differences. Holt subsequently issued a statement calling Souza “human crap” for pulling out the trek “only about twenty-four hours before were ready to leave.” He added, “Yes, he did a killer job on the new album [2004’s ‘Tempo Of The Damned’], but mainly because we did not allow him to fuck everything up with his stupid Bon Scott impersonations anymore. We made him sing more like [previous vocalist Paul] Baloff. I tried to make it work. More than you can imagine. But he was (is) the most miserable pile of crap to be around.”

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