Kerry KingSLAYER guitarist Kerry King recently revealed some of his “favorite things” for the web site. A few samples follow below.

Favorite Song: “‘Becoming’ by PANTERA. Whenever you get asked a question like that this, the answer is whatever comes to mind first. But it’s PANTERA and [guitarist] Dimebag Darrell was my boy. It’s one of my favorite PANTERA tunes.”

Favorite Album: “AC/DC live with Bon Scott, but I did see the movie ‘Beyond The Thunder’, and it seems like he would be a cool dude to party with!”

Favorite Store: “Best Buy. I heard recently they are downsizing and I got sad! I remember when Circuit City was around, I never understood why people would shop there. I always thought Best Buy had a better selection and cheaper prices.”

Favorite Pet: “My snakes. It’s a great pet to have if you’re a touring musician because they don’t need daily care.”

Favorite Keepsake: “Original artwork of [SLAYER’s] ‘Christ Illusion’. It was the first record that Dave [Lombardo, drums] did with us since he had been back and the first art we had Larry Carroll do for us since ‘Seasons’! Thought it was a cool thing to purchase.”

Favorite Essential Item For Touring: “Alcohol. Enough said.”

Favorite Mantra/Quote/Piece Of Advice: “Christians are out of their minds.”

Favorite Piece Of Clothing: “Camouflage pants or shorts. I’m always wearing them. I think it started when I was on a charter fight with PANTERA years back. I had a bottle of vodka in one pocket and a bottle of orange juice in the other. I was like a walking bar!”


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