Generation KillGENERATION KILL, the crossover metal outfit featuring EXODUS frontman Rob Dukes, will release its debut album, “Red White And Blood”, on September 16 in Europe and September 27 in North America via Season Of Mist. A digital single containing the CD’s title track and a cover of the NINE INCH NAILS classic “Wish” is now available via iTunes.

“Red White And Blood” was recorded at J. Rod Production Studios in New City, New York (where the vocal tracks for EXODUS’ “Let There Be Blood” and OVERKILL’s “Ironbound” were previously laid down).

“Red, White and Blood” track listing:

01. Hate
02. Red White and Blood
03. Feast for the Wolves
04. Self-Medicating
05. Depraved Indifference
06. Slow Burn
07. Section 8
08. Walking Dead
09. Dark Days
10. Let Me Die
11. Wish (NINE INCH NAILS cover; bonus track)

Commented the writing team of Rob Dukes and Rob Moschetti (bass, backing vocals): “This release is the most diverse project that either of the two of us been a part of. This is an honest, no-holds-barred album containing various styles of music. In a way, it is a bit of a selfish record. We wrote the kind of material that we like. You can’t please everybody, so you might as well please yourself. Honestly, that’s what true art is. Freedom of expression.”

The song “Red White And Blood” is available for streaming on the band’s Facebook page.

According to a press release, “The original concept of the band was to break away from the current formula by embracing their roots and incorporating them into the project.

“GENERATION KILL is a true crossover band. Each song has its own identity, and mood, which gives the band its original sound without abandoning their influences.

“By adding two lead guitarist/songwriters to the band, a whole new dimension has been introduced to GENERATION KILL.

“While Jason Trenczer adds technical guitar work, Lou Lehman adds catchy riffs and solos. The final ingredient to the band is veteran drummer Sam Inzerra. Sam has a death metal background which adds speed and power to the project.

“Each member of the band takes part in the writing process.

“While each member has established himself in legendary and underground bands, let it be known that this is no side project.”


Rob Dukes – Vocals
Rob Moschetti – Bass/Backing Vocals
Lou Lehman – Lead Guitar
Jason Trenczer – Lead Guitar
Sam Inzerra – Drums

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