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Derrick GreenCalum Robson of recently conducted an interview with vocalist Derrick Green of Brazilian/American thrashers SEPULTURA. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. You had a lot to deal with in the past when you received a barrage of criticism after replacing Max Cavalera. How did you get through it?

Green: It was pretty overwhelming but then I was really listening to what people was saying and a lot of times they didn’t know what they were talking about. It would drive me a little bit crazy because I think I’m a versatile singer and I think I have a lot of range and perform really well live. I know for a fact that I’m very secure in this, because we wouldn’t be able to continue so long and have gone so far now as much as we have if it wasn’t serious. I just stayed focused with that and kept grinding the music out. Do you feel sometimes that change can produce immediate cynicism and perhaps even a fear of what’s new?

Green: In general, it’s only human nature if anything and every time people aren’t aware of something, they either want to black out, or kill or just not acknowledge. Change can be a good thing and sometimes you have to embrace it because it’s constantly happening around us, whether you like it or not. For an artist, it’s important to have evolution, because you learn more. I think that’s the point of being here — to learn as much as you possibly can. We’re going through a learning process being in this band, evolving and trying different things and I think as a listener you want to hear this. To hear music in a different way, not necessarily the same thing. There are some people who like to hear the same thing over and over again. That’s crazy to me. That’s the definition of crazy! Having a family now must have changed your perspective, but you seem pretty content in riding out the days in focusing on them one at a time. In what way do you think it has changed you?

Green: It definitely makes you proud of other things beside yourself! I definitely have more of a purpose in being here. I have more of a feeling about my purpose in life. It’s a wonderful thing. Before, many times I would find myself occupied in my own head about silly things, but now there’s such a greater importance. It’s kind of a relief in a weird way. There’s more responsibility but at the same time it’s like I know what I have to do. Unfortunately at times it is separate, but you really have to go all out in what you do in both. For a band ever-changing there always will be critics but you must be accustomed to that now?

Green: For sure, and the new style of music, people are very critical. Especially in metal music, I find that a lot of people can be very closed-minded — they want to listen to metal and nothing else, but I’m not like that. I like doing metal music and having a heavy style, but I don’t like to put myself in such a box and be trapped in it, because I’m not like that. I like to do different style of music but I think there’s always room for evolution in the music. I love the old classic bands from the past but I like the new bands a lot too and I’m grateful they’re out there exploring and experimenting.

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